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A Star Returns to Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard is a staple in every Film Noir nerd’s movie collection. Billy Wilder comes back with another smash-hit, giving people everything they love about the Film Noir genre from symbolic lighting to a twisted, yet captivating love story. Sunset Boulevard brings a lot to the table with a great list of actors and cinematic value but also connects with its audience on a deeper level when presenting its hard-hitting themes ranging from the “fakeness” of Hollywood to manipulation and madness. The leading man of this story takes the form of Joe Gillis played by Oscar Award winning actor, William Holden. Gillis is supposed to be manipulative at first but as the film rolls on, Gillis seems to be more sympathetic.…show more content…
One major theme in Sunset Boulevard is appearance vs. reality. This is most obviously apparent in the character of Ms. Norma Desmond. She is a forgotten film star that is trying to make herself appear still as desirable as she was in the 20’s because she will not accept that no one cares about her anymore. She wants to appear beautiful and desirable but in reality, she is an aging women all alone by herself. Sunset Boulevard also uses lighting in the movie as a symbol. John F. Seitz did an amazing job lighting the movie very bright in the beginning before Joe Gillis’s life became more complicated and then darkening the light as the drama…show more content…
All of the music was composed by Franz Waxman and the music flows effortlessly between scenes. The way Waxman composed the score is different based on the mood of a scene. In the beginning of the movie, all the score was fast paced and upbeat. As the plot lines thickened, so did the intensity of the score in the movie. In scenes of great stress or worry the score would heavily concentrated higher pitched sounds with staccato beats and in times of melancholy the music would slow and add to the despair in a scene. Each actors performance was greatly helped by the score in the sense that the score was not overpowering and distracting from the actor, it was complimented just

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