Sunscreen Advantages And Disadvantages

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The sun can be good and bad for people, for example it can give a sunlight to people but it can also provide cancer. A lot of people before had skin cancer, because they stayed at the sun too much and did not use any secure thing such as sunscreen, and light clothes. In 1928 in, Eugène Schueller, who was the French scientist, and he was mostly inventing new recipes of cosmetics, invented first version of sunscreen, which was much less helpful, compared to modern versions, but this was just a first step of whole journey of sunscreen. Over the time sunscreen was improving its protecting abilities, by adding different ingredients into it, which was not available before and it was also spreading all over the world. And now, at this time there is a lot…show more content…
Also, there is a lot of different secure levels: 8,10,20,50,100. Those numbers are showing how much time more the person can stay on the sun without wearing any clothes. The skin have sunburn because there is UV light from sun, and we can not see it, because we can see only the first level of sunlight. The sunscreen is reflecting those UV waves, so the skin does not get a sunburn or worth, skin cancer. The ingredients, such as different organic and inorganic, are combined together in a special way, so it is protecting the skin. This solution has some limitations also. For instance,there is a moral limitation, a lot of people are not using it correctly, by putting wrong amount of cream on the skin, just because they are not reading the instructions that are written on most of the sunscreens. Also, there is economic problem: not everyone can use it, because it is not free to buy, and it is also not in every single shop, even in some countries they do not know if it exist or no. Also, there is an ethical factor, some people can have an allergy to the components that are in the cream, and it will be hard for them to find one

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