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3 companies- Waitomo Caves, Skyline Queenstown, Real Journeys. How they started the product the offer At least 3 changes or milestones. The Waitomo Caves How they started The Waitomo caving system is a charitable society which was formed and incorporated in 1973. For 6 years the original waitomo museum operated from a small room in the historic waitomo caves hotel. In 1980 a purpose-built museum was erected on the present site in the centre of waitomo caves village and was doubled in size 1989, followed by the education centre in 1994. One of the cave tours has been operating for 125 years. Products they offer Waitomo Glow-worm cave tour. This cave tour has been operating for 125 years, it is 45 minutes, and it…show more content…
You may even see cave wetas. The prices are: Adult: $49 Child (4-14yrs): $22 Infant: Free Family Pass (2ad + 2ch): $121 Ruakuri Cave This tour is 2 hours long, you begin by walking down a manmade spiral entrance way. You walk 1.6km through the caving system. You hear about the history of the caves. You will also get to see mass amounts of glow-worms. This caving system is wheelchair accessible. The prices are: Adult: $71 Child (4-14yrs): $27.50 Infant: Free Family Pass (2ad + 2ch): $173 3 Changes or milestone. One of the major earlier changes was they changed they amount of people in the tour groups because they could handle more people once they employed more people, and could make a higher profit or raise the bottom line. One of the major milestones for waitomo was how the old museum was hanging by a thread so they decided make a big event about it and create a fun-day. They began fundraising it and restoring the original building to its former…show more content…
In 1967 17 November the Queenstown gondola opened. What they offer? They offer many different experiences such as if you want to have an adrenaline rush there is the luge which is a fun activity, sliding down hills turning sharp bends and going down and over bumps and having a quick look at the scenery. They also offer for the more relaxed person the restaurant and cafe, relax, wine and dine or wait for friends and family to finish there experiences whilst you gaze across the view and sip at a hot or cold beverage. They also do functions and events catering, price ranging on size and type in one of there conference/ events rooms. Milestones or Changes A major change after 25 years was the Bob`s restaurant complex completed, they have more of a variety of foods and more of a higher profit. Also an alternative to the adrenaline a peaceful relaxing cuisine filled experience. Another change was Queenstown Gondola acquired there own accommodation and booking agents, giving skyline a sales office in the heart of Queenstown so more accessible to the open public all the

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