Summary: The Witches Hammer

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Although leaders and authority figures have more tendencies to act on evil due to the power and resources they possess, each leader still has the option to make the moral choice of doing no harm. It is more difficult to believe that spiritual leaders are just as capable of engaging in evil deeds. For instance, Malleus Maleficarum also known as, “The Witches Hammer”, is written as a handbook for the Inquisitors “to reduce the spread of evil in Catholic countries, the proposed solution was to find and eliminate witches… [by getting] them to confess to heresy, and then destroy them” (Zimbardo 9). The book is supposed to help the Inquisitors how to identify, prosecute and obliterate witches. These people are supposed to be followers of God but they are willing to hurt, harm, kill and burn their fellow human beings for…show more content…
All those people who engaged in this inhuman act were convinced that they are doing a good deed by trying to eradicate other women who were suspected as witches. In addition, according to journalist Sarah Auffret, in 1978, Reverend Jim Jones, a religious leader of Peoples Temple is another case of evil in the name of God. Jones enticed almost a thousand believers to go to Jonestown, Guyana and commit a great injustice against mankind. This is the place where he orchestrated the mass-murder-suicide by having “...his followers [drink] a cyanide-laced fruit drink. Some were forced; some did so willingly, including parents who fed the poison to their children. In all, 913 died. Some, including Jones, were found shot to death” (“The First, Deadly Jim Jones”). Jones used the power of mind by indoctrinating his followers to doing the unthinkable. He used religion as his basis for his actions and teachings to implement his despicable act. He promised his followers the dream of paradise in Jonestown, Guyana but in turn, it became a

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