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The Autobiography of Malcolm X, written by Malcolm X and Alex Haley, follows the life, struggles, and accomplishments of Malcolm X, a martyr and a patriot for civil rights. It’s publication date is 1965 and is 527 pages long. As the spokesman for the Nation of Islam, an extremist organization for the civil rights of African Americans, Malcolm X truly believed that all white people were devils. But looking back on his life, who could blame him? His father Earl Little was an affiliate of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association which supported african americans returning to Africa. This made him a target for the KKK and lead to a house fire caused by the Klansmen. On September 28, 1931, he was kidnapped by the Klansmen, tied up…show more content…
Malcolm’s mother Louise was labeled as crazy after she rejected free pork saying that she wants to abide by Seventh Day Adventist dietary restrictions. She is taken away by social workers and is put into a mental institution in Kalamazoo, MI. With no one else to take care of Malcolm and his siblings, they were sent to a juvenile home. Malcolm X enjoyed middle school very much and had a deep interest in English and social studies and even won the title of class president. The only subject he didn’t like was math because there was no room for argument since the subject is very concrete. He also felt like a misfit. Since he was the only black person in his class, he often felt like a “pink poodle” more than a human being. Despite all of his academic success, his teacher was incredibly discouraging toward him. When Malcolm asked why there aren’t any books about black history in the classroom, his teacher said that blacks are “lazy” and “dumb” and don’t deserve a place in history. Malcolm told his teacher that he was interested in becoming a lawyer, but his teacher recommended him becoming a carpenter because a lawyer was not a realistic career goal for a

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