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Take Me to Torchy’s Torchy’s Tacos was and still is the talk of the town. All summer everyone raved about Torchy’s Tacos, and I seemed to be the only one who had not experienced the hype for myself; that had to change. To determine if Torchy’s Tacos is as exceptional as everyone claims it to be, I will be reviewing the Rice Village establishment based on their quality of service, menu choices, and location. When I first walked in, the line from the register to the door instantly made me uneasy. However, I took into consideration that it was both lunch time and summer, making the significant crowd more understandable. To my surprise the line moved at a steady pace allowing me to have my mind made up on what I wanted to order by the time…show more content…
When I went during the summer, I ordered the Trailer Park taco and the Crossroads taco with a side of queso and chips. After placing my order I proceeded to the drink station. As I approached the drinks, I became completely stunned with utter confusion. Before me modeled bizarre soda brands with crazy flavors to match, like ginger, black cherry, and vanilla. Torchy’s definitely made a smart decision by providing lemonade, water, and sweet tea just for simplistic people, like myself. When I reached my table I realized that I had not been given my basket with my chips, which was quickly solved with no hesitation by one of their employees. If my wait time was long I surely did not even notice; between the conversation with my friends and the delicious queso and chips that I had to keep me occupied, time was not a concern of mine. When my food was delivered greatness laid before me. I had heard several amazing things about these tacos and I was finally about to taste them for myself. I took my first bite and made sure I savored every bit of flavor in order for me to be able to give liable feedback. After a great deal of bites and chews, I came to the conclusion that their tacos were not above average, but they also were not below average. The tacos were certainly tasty, but not as commendable as everyone made them seem to be. With

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