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The infamous concentration camp of Auschwitz represents the Nazis’ Final Solution, which was to eliminate all of Europe’s Jewry. The Nazis could not achieve this Final Solution without the industrialization of mass murder, which became a reality by the summer of 1942. The development of the gas chamber and the use of Zyklon B intensified the factory-like conditions of the extermination process; it allowed the Nazis to murder more Jews without the psychological strains that plagued the soldiers of firing squads. The existence and importance of gas chambers to the Final Solution has been a widely accepted fact in the global community, but it has been rejected by Holocaust deniers. In her pamphlet, Holocaust denier Barbara Kulaszka employs the…show more content…
The confessions from the commandant of Auschwitz account the horrors that happened every day in the gas chambers. Auschwitz’s commandant, Rudolf Hӧss, gave a detailed account of his experiences gassing the Jews who arrived at his camp. Hӧss did not give his account of the workings of the gas chambers until he wrote his memoir while awaiting his execution in Poland. Through a detailed account, he describe the gas chamber’s location in Block II, a prisoner block of Auschwitz I, and his view from a peephole as he watched his victims perish. It has been debated by Holocaust deniers that Hӧss’ confession and description of the gas chambers was plagued by errors; denier Robert Faurisson claims that the British most likely tortured Hӧss until he provided a confession. Rudolf Hӧss claims that the gassing of Jews began in the summer of 1941 was false because it is known that the first experiment with Zyklon-B, gas used to murder the Jews in the chambers, did not start until September of 1941. Allen states that this slip in memory does not matter because around the summer of 1941, discussion of gas chambers that used Zyklon-B did begin in Auschwitz during this time and the chambers were already being used to fumigate clothing. Hӧss may have gotten his dates confused, but this does not discredit his reliability. He…show more content…
The claims of Holocaust deniers that survivors’ testimonies such as Müller’s are unreliable, but documents and blueprints left behind by the Central Building Directorate corroborate Müller’s account. Muller worked at the same farmhouses in Brzezinka as the Dragons, which were turned into gas cahmbers. In 1942, the cottages of the Wiechuja and Harmata of Brzezinka were transferred into gas chambers to murder Jewish transports because the crematorium at Auschwitz was inadequate. The Final Solution of the Nazis could not be halted by an insufficient crematorium, the Sonderkommando were forced to go to these villages and clean the gas chambers then bury the victims in mass graves. Knowing that gas chambers in farmhouses were also inadequate, the architects of Auschwitz, such as Auschwitz's head architect, Fritz Ertl, knew they had to construct a more efficient one. In 1943, the crematorium of Brikenau and documents left behind by the ZBL showed that it was a rushed process. The Nazis were in a rush to complete Crematoriums II, III, IV, and V, all in preparation for the Final

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