Why Is The Silk Road Important In The Ancient World

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The Silk road played a significant role in Ancient World it connected Europe to Asia ,making the world a smaller place. It brought joy to the Ancient World. The silk road went from Constantinople to Guangzhou. The silk road help brought items such as silk to other places where it couldn't be made such as in the east. The Silk Road played a vital role in the Ancient world. By trading with western countries China economic prosperity increased. The value of products tended to increase because of the desire of the product because the demand of broad is higher then it is at home. Traders began to inflate the price of goods. For example, Constantinople had better quality metal,wine and grapes, in Constantinople I could sell the items for 50 cents but if I go to Asia I could inflate the price and making it $5 per piece. The silk road made all of the countries more involved with each other and wealthier. With traders coming…show more content…
It went along the northern borders of China, India, and Persia and ended up in Eastern Europe near today's Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. The silk road played a vital role in the transportation of goods, culture, and religions. The Silk Road was called this because one of the major products traded was silk cloth from China. People throughout Asia and Europe prized Chinese silk for its softness and luxury. The Chinese sold silk for thousands of years and even the Romans called China the "land of silk.” In the earlier years there was some trade between China and the rest of the world for a sort period of time. Later, under the rule of the Yuan Dynasty set up by Kublai Khan of the Mongols, trade from China along the Silk Road would reach its peak. This is because during this time the Mongols controlled a significant portion of the trade route, and they ,ade sure that Chinese merchants traveled safely. Also, merchants were granted more social status during the Mongol

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