The Watchman Personality Disorder

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There is more to the movie the watchman than just action and super heroes. Through the telling of this story we see that each watchman go through some disorder. Each of them deal with some kind of disability; well some may not deal with physical disability they have some mental disability going on and each of the characters deal with is differently. The characters deal with depression, multi personality disorders, and lack of social skills. The theme revolving around disability is easy to see once you analyze Alan Moores characters, their symptoms and how they act it is clear to understand their issues. Zack Snyder the director of the film gives us a great image of the characters disabitlities. The graphic novel begins with the murder of one…show more content…
Antisocial personality disorder is defined as a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal. (A.D.A.M medical encyclopedia). We can argue that the comedian has the symptoms of ASPD because he is portrayed as the most unmoral, nihilistic character. We generally want to dislike him for his past we learn that he is the most unlikeable character because he hurts innocent people during a protest, kills a pregnant woman, and even tries to rape his partner (Snyder). If he was not considered a superhero he would probably be a bad guy, the villain. The comedian is an ironic name for Eddie Blake because we learn how sad of man he is. Eddie portrays himself as a man who believes all humans are naturally bad and we have to teach them to be good. He is against any moral “right thing to do”, religion, believes life is a joke, and everything is meaningless. The comedian would fit the term as being a nihilistic man because he is careless; He likes act like he does not care about anything but in the end we find out why he was so depressed that he went crying to his arch nemesis. He found out the entire plan and that is when we learn that the comedian was actually good and meant good he was being a threat to Veidt and his plan so he has him murdered (Snyder). Maybe having his personality disorder goes hand in hand with his depression. Common symptoms for ASPD

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