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Travis Long Finken ENGL-206-1 25 November 2014 Candide vs. Heart of Darkness The stories Candide and Heart of Darkness are stories of very strong themes. Both of these have a main character of the stories that show great perseverance and drive. While both of these stories have similarities they also have their differences also. These pieces of literature can get crazy and hard to believe, but these authors do such a great job of capturing the reader and making them come back for more. Candide and Heart of Darkness are both dark and hopeful in the way they tell the story, but both of these stories have characters that are in the same circumstances and are similar to the meaning of their particular story. Candide is a man who lives in the castle of…show more content…
Cunegonde goes on to tell Candide what had happened to her family and how a Bulgars captained killed a soldier for raping her then sold her to a Jew. The Jew and a Grand Inquisitor both split time with Cunegonde during the week. Cunegonde saw what had happened to Candide and Pangloss days before. Candide kills both the Jew and the Grand Inquisitor when they come for their time with Cunegonde. Cunegonde grabs her jewels and her, Candide, the Old Woman, and the three horses they have flee to Cadiz. The find troops preparing to sail to the New World, so Candide shows a general his experience in military and the general immediately makes me captain of the ship. Candide believes that the New World will prove that it is the best of all worlds. The Old Woman calls Cunegonde out for complaining and says that her journey was much worse. The Old Woman tells her story of her trials and tribulations that she had gone through. She talks about how she is the daughter of Pope Urban X and the princess of Palestrina. She was at one point engaged to the prince of Massa Carrara. Her prince was poisoned and killed and that’s when she fled and her ship was boarded by pirates who raped her. She watched her mother be ripped

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