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STEVIE WONDER: Stevie Wonder was born May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan. Mr. Wonder is a self-taught singer-songwriter and has the ability to play multiple instruments: drums, harmonica and piano before the age of 10 (Stevie Wonder, 2015). Although Mr. Wonder is a blind man he overcomes such diversity through his music a true inspiration to us all! According to (2015) Mr. Wonder is a musical genius Stevie Wonder is a the tender age of 12 he released his debut album in 1962 in 1962 ‘Little Stevie Wonder the 12 Year Old Genius.’ What set Mr. Wonder apart from others is not only is he a perfectionist, but he has high standards for his music. Mr. Wonder’s high standards are self evident not only with his singing-songwriting skills, but the use of his flawless instrumental arrangements in his songs. Although Mr. Wonder is blind he does not let this affect his craft, his passion and his music. In fact, being blind has only enhanced his other senses and increased his musicianship precision and accuracy. Furthermore, Mr. Wonder has a testimony, he uses what he has experienced to produce songs we all love and the contemporary hits of today.…show more content…
As we have already established Mr. Wonder is a blind musical genius, however, him being different only forced him to not only be the best, but a perfectionist in all he does: signing, songwriting and playing multiple instruments. Mr. Wonder is a self-motivated and goal-orientated individual who not only dreams, but also lives out his dreams through his

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