Summary Of René Descartes Sixth Meditation

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Aside of the different ideas regarding human nature, Descartes' "Sixth Meditation" is best understood as a distinction between the mind and the body because there’s a hidden purpose in regards to our imagination and perception. René Descartes, a French philosopher and naturalistic scientist, believed that material things do exist. Through his imagination and senses, Descartes makes a connection between material things and mathematics. In paragraphs 2 and 3, he clearly separates the idea of imagining and understanding. Imagination is not necessarily an important feature to have because we can still exist without it. Descartes links this with the body, as the individuals’ mind turns outward. While as for understanding, we reflect…show more content…
For example, trying to measure the size of an object in a precise manner. Depending on our eyes and position, the object may appear bigger than it actually is. Descartes does a superb job in trying to prove that we cannot trust our senses. When it comes to human nature, perception plays an important yet crucial aspect. We cannot obtain objectivity through deception. Humans have an ability to notice or understand certain differences. From these capabilities, individuals are aware of understanding. It’s an essential characteristic to have, as our minds play a vital role. However, perception deceives people in almost every aspect. We’re conducted by our perceptions because we’re not aware. Our surroundings can appear deceitful which shows how naive we really are. With that being the case, we can conclude that we have distortion in our perception feeling. According to Descartes, we cannot count on them for reality. In order to know who you are, one must think. Through his message, we cannot trust our senses because we’re going to be deceived. On the other hand, we can’t eliminate our senses because we’ll die. If we want to beat the odds and sustain our lives, we must detach ourselves from what our senses are telling…show more content…
What is actually happening in reality? He challenges our perceptions through illusions. We do not know reality the way it actually is. We have to open the door to how reality actually works. Personally, I agree that the body and mind are two separate properties. They both serve as a different function than the other. However, I also believe that the body and mind can be united as one. These two can work together in order to form a certain function. For example, voluntarily raising your hand to answer a question. In order for this particular motion to occur, there must be a cause and effect relation. While the individual uses his mind to deliberately answer the question, his body goes into effect as well. As the mind and bodies unite with each other, they can achieve a greater force. Humans are capable of making their own choices which can often result to voluntarily movements within the

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