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In the article “Having it his way: The construction of Masculinity in Fast Food Tv Advertising” by Carrie Packwood Freeman and Debra. The article talks about how food and men are portrayed in television ads stemming from past beliefs and the way that society sees men and food. Most men in fast food TV advertisements are portrayed eating or ordering some type of meat. This is because meat is strongly associated with masculinity, the article talks about women are attributed to eating vegetables and other such foods maybe because of how women use to pick vegetables and be the home bodies way in the past while men went out to assert their dominance and hunt for their food. Its just a common assumption now that foods like steak and whatnot are…show more content…
In this way, there are several explanations as to why this shows masculinity. In one respect, the very old view of a man was always that of the hunter (the one who brought the meat home) while the women stayed home to raise the children and clean. In another more modern view, the men are always affiliated with grilling meats in the summer because it’s a “man’s job”. In these two examples, women are never used because these are typically viewed to be a job that women can’t handle. They are not girly enough. I think that this made it easy to see the media’s portrayal of masculinity and the way a man should act. Unfortunately, not every man acts this way in the world and this is a very general way for the media to think, not to mention stereotypical. However, as long as there are men and women, I don’t think that these views are ever going to change direction because they just get modern with the…show more content…
I think of one ad in particular that features a cheeseburger with lots of flames in the background and a masculine voice talking about how meaty and juicy the burger is. Though some women may find this appealing, it is men that are going to be truly drawn to this type of advertisement. I think that this way of marketing can be effective solely because fast food is not typically seen as a feminine food and men typically will be more drawn to eating at a fast food restaurant. Personally, as women, I know that I am not able to eat like men do. My metabolism is not as fast as that of a man, therefore I take it upon myself to know that I cannot eat fast food as often as I’d like. Plus, as women, I think I am more likely to be conscious of the harmful chemicals and whatnot in fast

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