Matt Dragon's Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting is a dramatic comedy starring Matt Damon. Matt Damon's character, Will Hunting, is a young Boston janitor who is exceptionally intellectually gifted with a special talent for math and an eidetic memory. The problem is he has nothing to show for it. Being born on a bad side of Boston and into an even worse family, he is never able to test his intellect. So, once he gets the chance to during his janitorial stint at MIT, he jumps at it. An MIT professor, Gerald Lambeau, had posted a math equation outside of his classroom in the hallway, that had been dubbed the 'Unsolvable Equation' by many, it wasa challenge for his graduate students, in hopes that one of his students would be able to solve it. Much to his surprise it is solved the next day he comes into work, but with no one claiming the work. Baffled he placed…show more content…
Said equation had stumped the mathematical community for years and had taken himself, a fields medalist, two years to solve. Will took the bait. This time in the middle of solving the equation he was caught by Lambeau.Lambeau assumed that Will was vandalising the board because Will was just a Janitor. Before he could see the board he yelled at Will to go away. Spooked, Will retreated. By the time Lambeau discovered that Will was not vandalizing the equation but solving it Will was already gone. Later in the same week Will gets into a fight with his kindergarten bully and proceeds to be arrested. By the time he enters trial for the crime Lambeau had tracked him down and was present at the hearing. With Will facing prison time Lambeau offered something to Will. He had arranged a deal with the judge saying that if Will went to therapy twice a week and went to a study session held by Professor Lambeau twice a week for an indefinite amount of time, then Will would not go to

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