Microsoft Antitrust Law Case Study

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The antitrust laws, also referred as competition laws, are statutes develop by the U.S. Government to reinforce the fair competition within the business market and to avoid any time of monopoly within products. Microsoft is a major multinational company dedicated to computer technology. When Microsoft released its Windows versions in the years 90, had already captured 90% of the market share of the personal computers of the world and became the most important company of the technology. Microsoft is accused of monopoly by the department of justice and the European Union, in which they accused the magnate of the computers Bill Gates and its powerful company, to have a monopoly, as this company is focused on increasing its sales volume and to maximize their income and thus eliminated little by little the product from the competition, as they did not have value.…show more content…
Secondly, the proportion of the market dominant Microsoft is protected by a high barrier to access. In third place, and mainly as a result of this barrier, users of Microsoft lack of a commercially viable alternative to Windows. Microsoft was accused primarily for these three reasons: Create applications that only work on your operating system (Windows), destroy through its economic power to the small businesses that were trying to make competition and trying to monopolize the use of the

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