Babydoll Mascara Commercial

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The Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) Babydoll Mascara commercial features Cara Delevingne. Cara is an English model, actress, and singer. The commercial begins with her walking up to a mirror, and starts applying mascara. Then that cuts out and shows her in different outfits doing different activities. Some are Cara with her friends, or on a bike, or just some modeling photos. It then cuts back to her applying on the mascara. Back to her, now at a party, drinking and talking to a guy. They start dancing and then start kissing, and at one point there is a photo of her lying on the table. Then it flashes to her in the corner of a room with a girl, who is not wearing clothes, you just see her back. Then they show her, finishing applying makeup, and smiling, with the phrase “More than…show more content…
The ladies in it are very attractive and take time to put on their makeup so people will look at them, and maybe comment on their appearance. The comments that they will get will most likely make them feel better about themselves and be happier. The consumer will then think that if they have this mascara, they will be given more attention because the mascara will make them more attractive. They see an already pretty girl add mascara to her eyelashes and then go out to have fun. Consumers hope that if they use the mascara they will get to be invited to parties and become more popular. Cara is a model and now that girls (or guys) see that she is wearing Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, they want what she has. She is famous and gets attention all the time. The ad tries telling you that if you use their products, you could also get more attention.YSL wanted to use a famous person to try to tell people that she uses it and loves it. If people think that she enjoys it, they think that they will probably also love it. Although this advertisement is full of the need for attention, it also uses another type of selling

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