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The historical context of this story is set back in the 1960’s. Using the historical approach we can understand that the main character Connie was an average teen-ager of the time, with numerous issues, hair, make-up and boys just to name a few. The 60’s were still at the time where women were trying to find themselves, as well as their own voices and men still thought that women were to be in the home. Is the time period that this story was written any different than our current time period? By taking a glance back at the time period we can understand beyond a doubt about the values, morals and a glimpse at the type of people from over 50 years, and maybe answer this as well as countless other questions. Connie has an overbearing mother, a workaholic father, and a sister who her mother wants her to be similar to, instead of being herself. Her mother, who was once beautiful herself, now more homely, regularly puts Connie down by telling her: “Stop…show more content…
I am not sure if she truly loved her family since they fought so much besides at one point she had wish her mother dead, however I do not think she wanted him to hurt any of them. Her fate was sealed, thus she went with Arnold. The ending left you hanging, as if there was supposed to be additional information but she never finished it. I feel that if you found his car there would be many new numbers, when I heard him rattle off the numbers painted on the side of his car they sounded an awful lot like ages. There is no mistaking what has become of Connie, especially by the way Arnold was talking to her, however Connie's dilemma as she confronts Arnold Friend, who wants to take her away from everything familiar off to an unknown future: "The place where you came from ain't there anymore," Arnold tells her, "and where you had in mind to go is cancelled out." Everything he says to her has an underlying tone, insinuation, and various other meanings.

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