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“Genres aren’t closed boxes. Stuff flows back and forth across the borders all the time.” Margaret Atwood. Throughout the history of music, people, cultures and musicians around the world play or create different genres of music. Even though all genres are not related to each other there are certain influences in history where there are clear examples of connections between different genres. A very strong example is Jazz with African music, where we can hear how related both genres are, in terms of melodic and rhythmic traits. The aim for this investigation is to find any kind of musical links between two genres that historically do not have any influences or connections. For this inquiry my target is to find links between rock and roll and…show more content…
With numerous songs and albums that are very recognized around the world and throughout history. Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 in London, England. The band consisted in four members: guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones. They are considered to be one of the most successful and influential bands of the history. As a band they have been awarded with abundant prestigious prices like the induction to the rock and roll hall of fame. Although they where ultimately influenced by Indian folk music, when Black Dog was written and composed there was no clear influence yet. In the present each band member have a career as soloist except John Bonham who died at the early age of…show more content…
Substantial use of ornamentation, polytonality again, changes in dynamics and improvisation. An example for polytonality in Black God is on minute 3:06, where a guitar doubles the main riff however the second guitar is playing the riff in a different tonality. In Rag Pahdi there is a Polytonality piece of evidence in flute solo because it is playing improvisation around the piece. Now that I mentioned improvisation it is really important to point out that in Indian music, it is very common to hear improvisation played by the instruments. On the other hand in “rock ‘n roll” genre, improvisation is very important when guitars or drums and percussion play a “solo” or in musical terms, improvisation to demonstrate the ability of the musicians and to express themselves. In Black Dog we can hear the improvisation almost at the end on of the piece (3:36). When the guitar plays a solo piece and the rest of the band keeps playing the main melody or riff behind the solo instrument, emphasizing the notes the solo instrument is playing. Further, in Rag Pahdi, the use of improvisation is used more in comparison with Black Dog. For example we can hear the flute playing his solo improvisation part on 0:21, then in 1:58 the slide guitar also plays his improvisation part, supporting the traditionalist music of the Indian culture. In addition the improvisation in Indian music has to be played in a certain scaled motif in

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