The Crucible Dialogue Analysis

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St.Peter: Hello Jon, I have the power to allow you to enter the pearly gates, but I'm not to sure if you should be allowed in based on your actions you have taken. Jon Proctor: St. Peter; I have done some bad thing but I believe I have done more good. St. Peter: can you give an example of one good act you have taken. Jon Proctor: The time I went to visit Betty when she very ill. St. Peter: That is something that is expected of you to do since your are a worthy man in the community. Your gonna have to do a better job persuading me. Jon Proctor : There was the time that I helped the town build the church. Which I believe is a very good act. St. Peter: yes John that is a good act; if you loved good so much why was it, that you didn't…show more content…
St. Peter: That not a good reason to disobey the lord. No matter what the sermons is about you must listen to it, and respect the lords word. Everything the lord says has a message that's helps guide you in the right direction. To better yourself. Jon Proctor: Yes you are right I was just being self-centered I now know what i did wrong. I should have been at church every week taking in was the lord was saying. St. Peter: The chances of me letting you in are looking very slim at this point. Jon Proctor: St. Peter I was the one who brought Mary warren to the church. So she could build a relationship with the lord. Is that not what the lord want us to do. St Peter: Yes that is what the lord wants, but why was it that you said that "God is dead". When saying such a statement that it mean you no longer want any affiliation with the lord, You are now here pleading for givenness trying to enter the lords house? Jon Proctor: I did make that awful statement. The statement didn't come from my heart it was something that I had said in the heat of the moment. which I regret everyday since saying it. I am here begging for the lord forgiveness. I want him to give me another

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