Sula By Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison developed a story around strong females in the novel "Sula". Looking at Sula and Nel, these two characters displayed the different roads where females can go in the black community of The Bottom. By having these characters choosing different paths in life, Toni Morrison was able to display a strong feminist theme in the novel. Morrison shows the true opportunity and power of woman through the comparison of Nel and Sula through their hardships, sacrifices and strong will. Morrison does not show her support of feminism through an optimistic and predictable manner. She crafted a story in which women rise through hardship unconventionally. To Morrison, feminism is not a clear cut empowerment of woman, but a balance between self identity and vanity.…show more content…
They are neither white nor male. Nel plays the character of the person who goes down the road most traveled by. She believes in the laws of the community and abides by them. She gained her social identity through marriage and motherhood. Nel lost her opportunity to find her identity and independence once she got married. She is the generic woman; she had a child, cleaned, cooked and loved her husband. These are characteristics of what was seen as the norm for a woman in the novel and in the big picture, our society. She holds on to the communities values while Sula had other ideas. Looking to passage 1, Sula has a different path she wishes to follow. She did not want a husband, or kids. She wants to be her own person; being a mother will not help her become the individual she wants to

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