Alienation In Sula Mae Peace

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Abandonment or alienation is a very devastating event to go through at any age. These things can have a major impact on how a person is going to grow up and live their lives. They can also affect the way a person feels or looks at the world. Both alienation and abandonment play a major role in psychological abuse, which can sabotage a child’s development of themselves, their social relationships and affect adult behavior. They form an anti-social stance feeling as though they don’t need to respect authority or conform to social rules, and feel like they should do what feels good at the time and just do it without thinking about the consequences. In Sula by Toni Morrison, Sula Mae Peace is one who feels alienation and abandonment. Sula was…show more content…
When Chicken Little drowns, she is terrified, but cares enough to go and seek the help of Shadrack; when he tells her only “always,” she misunderstands and feels that he has made some kind of threat, which she never forgets. And the conversation she overheard from her mother Hannah when she said “sure you do, you love her just like I love Sula. I just don’t like her that’s the difference.”(57). Sula resents her mother because of her lack of emotion towards her. Sula grows up feeling guilt-ridden and unloved, making her feel of abandonment even worse. Sula feels as if no one is there for her. Sula is determined to live without obligations and unconventional of others. Sula disturbs her freedom only two times in the novel, and both times she is overwhelmed by the relationships. Sula does surprisingly fall in love but only once. When she realizes that she genuinely cares for Ajax, she becomes dedicated to him and demanding; her attachment drastically scares Ajax away, leaving Sula in despair for a long time. When Nel decides to marry Jude, Sula feels utterly betrayed. As soon as the wedding is over, she leaves Medallion for ten…show more content…
Sula had major physiological issues. Sula had a “why me?” moment quite frequently. She didn’t understand why all these things happened in her life. When would it stop when would she ever be happy? She knew she wouldn’t be happy with conforming to society and doing what everyone else did so she did what felt right at the time. She had to do something that would make her happy, what she thought was best for herself. She didn’t care what anyone thought of what she did in her life. Sula was the black sheep of the Bottom; she was the outcast the one that all the other couldn’t stand. But when she dies is when everyone especially Nel realized that Sula was never such a horrible person. She was one of a kind, a dime in a dozen, she was one her

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