Student-Built Apps Teach Colleges

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Students know more clearly what they need than others The point of view, shown by Ariel Kaminer in the passage named “Student-Built Apps Teach Colleges a Thing or Two”, that students understand other students’ needs better than bureaucracies can, is universally agreed. And it is a good attitude for students to build what they want by themselves. We know that people who are using one kind of thing can always have some specific ideas of making it better rather than those who never or seldom use the thing. Students are those who use the university information systems so they should know better what they want than others. According to Mrs. Kaminer, students have more effective ideas about making the system better. She…show more content…
Then she further argues that students always more focus on what they really need and what may make them work more easily than those people who tend to have to they want to spin and priorities they have to set do. This is just like asking a man to design a sanitary napkin that is just used by woman. A woman may just want the pads to be comfortable and helpful, while a man who never uses it may try to make it become beautiful but useless for woman. Then Ariel states that some schools begin to accept students’ creativity rather than just stifled them. With the fast developing of Internet and technology, people keep seeking a more convenient way to study or getting information. Under this situation, universities should try to make their information system helpful for students in case of out of style. And as students are those who use the system, the best way to achieve the goal is collaborating students’ and schools’ work and picking out what are harmful or pointless. Besides, author (Ariel Kaminer) also points out that it is a pretty good thing for students to try to build a app or program that is helpful too, not only good for the colleges. Because they can have a higher percentage to work in some famous company or even start their own business. All in all, for Ariel, it is

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