Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

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PARAGRAPH 1 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is perhaps one of the most amusing movies I have ever seen. The film overflows with various bits of comical genius, all inspired by producer and director Stanly Kubrick’s opinions of war. Peter Sellers gives an outstanding performance in each three of his roles (Dr. Strangelove, Captain Mandrake, and President Muffley), and has impeccable timing with his facial expressions and comedy driven behaviors. Combining a sardonic view of Cold War policies, outstanding characters and an inventive visual style, this remarkable black comedy makes a necessary statement regarding nuclear war and it’s consequences. PLOT Dr. Strangelove is a film that takes a look into the Cold…show more content…
Strangelove could be described as war and sex, and war as the result of horrible miscommunication. It seems as if Kubrick would often sneak signs of symbolism into his films. After rewatching this film for the second time, it seems as if General Ripper is sexually dysfunctional. He is blaming his problems of the fluoride contamination, and because he cannot perform to his standards he wants to destroy he factor that caused this. He feels like he can be a tough man and take a fighter jet, drop bombs that will cause utter catastrophe, but it would still prove his manhood in his mind. In regards to war being caused by miscommunication, phone lines are either malfunctioning or being sabotaged, an example from the film being President Muffley's telephone conversation with Premier Kissoff. At one instance, he cannot hear what Kissoff is saying due to background nose, then the phone conversation is disrupted by interference, and then he is advised to call OMSK Information to get a telephone number to relay the message that will aid the Soviets in taking down the attacking planes. This of course failed, because their system was designed to prevent false orders given from the enemy, but actually ended up not obeying the orders from the ones who created the

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