Dr Strangelove Love Theme

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TThe film Dr. StrangeLove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is satirical as a narrative, and I believe that the message of it was not to trust the officials in charge, and that the soldiers are the true heroes of war. One example of this is the illusion to sex throughout the film, which seems to be some of the main characters only concern. This idea shows up numerous times, starting with the solider looking at a Playboy magazine, the sex image of the secretary, the secretary calling General Turgidson during the Pentagon meeting for him to “come home” (further implying her sex image), Dr. StrangeLove’s idea for ten women for every man, and the meaning behind the name’s themselves. As one of the fans of Kubrick described in a letter to him, the film is “sexually layered”. It’s made to seem as if all the officials are more concerned about sex than the threat of war and the world ending, which makes the audience dislike the characters. But, with the view of sexual themes in mind, it could be said that General Ripper was really a hero. When the meaning of…show more content…
The song is about honoring a solider after he comes home from the war, and can be seen very patriotic. This song is played in the background every time the soldiers in the airplane are seen on the screen, and due to the nature of the song it gives the audience a connection to the men. The connection is deepened when they almost crash after being struck by a missile, and once they survive and continue their mission it even further deepens it. Because the soldiers aren’t able to talk to the officials back on the base, it creates a rift between the two, and this can be seen a symbol that it isn’t the officials who run the war, it’s the soldiers. It can also be seen that the officials don’t know what they’re doing due the soldiers doing all the work, which strengthens the
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