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Samantha Arrastia October 21, 2014 English Description Essay “Field of Glory” MDC Softball Field while not a pasture of silence, was a diamond of Glory. The Dimension of the field is 225ft in depth. The moist and shiny auburn clay from the freshly tended infield along with the sharp solid white lines that pass through the four bases, whose distance between each other are 60 feet away, drawing a diamond shape pattern. The grass line is shaped into a semi-circle which separates the infield and outfield. The outfield consisting of the greenest freshly cut and trimmed grass diagonally cut into a diamond shape pattern. In addition to the beauty of the field, the sounds heard from the field, players, and audience are what helps create the fans experience they won’t find in any other sport.…show more content…
The sound of the sprinklers, “spushhhh, spushhh, spushhh”, are heard as they turn on to hydrate the field. When Warm-ups begin the sounds of the bats being whipped, “crack.. crack..”, and softballs being struck everywhere, “pop.. pop..”. As the Pitcher starts warming up the gunshot sound of a 70 MPH fastball can be heard as it collides into the catcher’s mitt, “SMACK”. The sounds of the metal cleats on the concrete cement as the players are hustling to the batting cages, “thump, thump”. “HOT DOGS! LEMONADES! PEANUTS! FOR SALE!” being yelled by the concession stands. The applause from the audience when there is a good play, “clap, clap”. Not only are there various amounts of sounds, many smells are scented throughout the field as well. The aroma of the freshly cut grass, the buttery popcorn being sold in the concession stand you can almost just taste in your mouth, and the Salty Pepper

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