Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Chasing Dreams Dreams are a set of goals that one strives to achieve. Dreams start is your imagination and then they become a reality, without dreams there is nothing to look forward to. Ones future needs to be filled with dreams so that they with have something to accomplish. In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, each character has their own personal dream. The play follows each characters struggles in trying to achieve their dreams but most of their dreams revolve around the life insurance money they receive after the death of their father/husband/grandfather, “big Walter”. Walter Lee Younger is the son of “big Walter” and Lena Eggleston (mama). His only dream after the death of his father is to provide for his…show more content…
Her only dream seems to be, becoming a doctor. Her dream was very rare for people of color in those years due to racial segregation and discrimination, especially because she was a girl. She would like for her mother to use her fathers life insurance money to pay for her medical school tuition. Although she doesn’t say those exact words it is clear what she wants when she says “I have never asked anyone around here to do anything for me!” (37). She has always had the passion to fix people up and help them physically ever since she saw her friend Rufus get hurt badly and the doctors helped he and he was good as new “That that was what one person could do for another, fix him up---sew up the problem, make him all right again. That was the most marvelous thing in the world . . . I wanted to do that. I always thought it was the one concrete thing in the world that a human being could do. Fix up the sick, you know--- and make them whole again. This was truly being god . . .” (133). Although people didn’t believe in her becoming a doctor because she was a girl, she still chose to follow her dream because is was important to
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