Story Analysis: The Namesake

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The Namesake The story “The Namesake” is a short story about a boy whose name is not common in America. In the story the author talks about how your name is something special to your parents or to the whole family. The kids name in the story is Gogol and his family is from India and moved to Massachusetts. The whole family has to get used to how thing happen in the US.In the story it showed a lot about your name, heriatage, and ways things happenen in America. When growing up in a different country there is so many different things that people do there compare to the US.In countries there is many different kind of names that some other countries would never name their kid that, and in the story that…show more content…
And for the Ganguli family they really like following how their heritage.Gogol feels like he wants to honor his heritage more than what his mother and father want to. One day during the week of halloween his class went on a field trip and on that field trip was down the road of a poet's at a cemetery, and when they got to the cemetery the kids ran off the bus to all the gravestones and started to play a game. But Gogol thought it was weird that they were doing that so he didn’t join them. One piece of evidence that points to this is that when having a heritage that you stand for may ruin things for yourself. But it doesn’t mean that no one can have fun, it just means that people have to watch out what they do. Another strong indication was when they were still in the graveyard and Gogol notice that he has never met someone named Abijah, but then he realized that he never met someone name Gogol either. When having a name that no one has never heard of can be hard because no one will never pronounce your name right because your the only one with that name. Most importantly, when your part of a different culture it's hard to see other kids having fun and doing things that your not aloud to or shouldn’t be doing but no one ever should not have fun on field trips. In the story Gogol goes to his mom and tells her about the field trip and what they did or saw. But then he talked about the Graveyard, the mother was horrified and said “Death is not a pastime,” and also said “it is not a place to make paintings.” With their heritage it’s easy to see that they are really close to it, she wouldn’t even put the painting anywhere because she didn’t like how they did it at the

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