State Government Vs Federal Government

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The United States has two main groups who have the authorized to use their power to change what goes in this country: the federal government and the state government. They both have much power, but usually the states are more focus on their own territory while the federal is focused on the overall country and outside affairs. Back in the day, most of the policies were dealt at a local or state level. But with the growth of unifications and communications, this lead us to have a government who's role involve the entire country. With this role now developed, I see the states now more as a “laboratories of democracy” which try social and economic risk and contribute back to the country with minimum negative impact. I believe this is what help…show more content…
With all fifty states having different interpretations of the constitutions, a single state can cause a huge problem and jeopardize the entire country. Allowing our country to have representatives to negotiate foreign affairs is important cause it will keep all the other states in mind for their best interest for this country. I believe that this is actually the best outcome situation for both parties because it allows states to develop their ideas while federal help regulated them at the same time. Also, the ability to gain to foreign resources, political power, or outside influences is what helped shape the United States today. I believe that we should keep on developing and dealing with new tactics and ways to handle foreign policies to help grow this…show more content…
There are many laws, even with some being outdated, but it important to note the intentions of theses law so that they can be properly enforced. Enforcing laws can handle situations well and benefits the people if they have a probable reason in doing so. If policies start being more aggressive and searching more I would be against it, but unless there been a huge increase of serial killers in an area I’m more inclined as citizens to accept it. Even though there is still a chance of abuse of power, sometimes we have to accept it until the reason to enforce is taken care of and then bring justices to those who abuse during those

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