Choki Misconceptions Of Native Americans

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I had never heard of the Cahokia before, but there was a lot I learned about them that surprised me. One of the things that surprised me is the amount of knowledge and skill they had. When you think of the stereo typical Native American you usually think of a fairly uneducated people that live in tepees. With the Cahokia that was not the case, they had giant amazing structures they had built that not only served ritual purposes but would also help tell what time of year it was according to the sky. This meant on top of building skills, they also had very strong astronomy and geometry skills. Another thing that amazed me about them was the sheer size of their civilization. The Europeans had many different misconceptions about the natives. A couple of them being that they were uneducated, unskilled, lazy, childish, savages. They thought all of these for many different reasons. They thought they were uneducated on the actual and religious level because they didn't do things the same way as the Europeans. They refused to believe the natives were skilled, and this is shown when they don't believe there is any way they built the massive structures that were in the new land. They also thought that the Indians were lazy and childish because, they showed no interest in accumulating wealth, when they would just give stuff to the…show more content…
The Natives build gigantic structures that were symmetrical to one another. They would also build structures that would help them tell the time of the year and line up with the stars. This meant they had incredible geometry and astronomy skills. On top of those skills they also had amazing building skills that allowed them to do all of that. They also practiced many things that helped them survive such as new ways to hunt and grow fields. They were also fairly united with some of the other tribes, which helped in the development of their

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