Similarities Between Guiltless And Peccant

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Before existence, exists two creators. These two deities, Guiltless and Peccant, are the ones who are responsible for bringing each being into life. Those who are created by Guiltless are foreseen as ethical, magnanimous, and agreeable; on the other hand, those created by Peccant are conscience-stricken, wicked, and unpleasant. Every person born from these creators are given one other sibling; the sibling is born from the opposite creator that the first born sibling was born from. Because everyone is created as just a blank body that is pure white, five feet ten inches tall, 130 pounds, and eyes as black as a coal pit, different tests are required to individually form each person. In the world of creation, once lived the rare sibling pair of Shay and Christy. They miraculously defeated the inevitable and originated from the same deity, Peccant. This was the first and only time…show more content…
She started in Canada where she stayed in a snowy area much too cold for her. Shay joined her shortly before they decided Canada was not for them. They both traveled to America next, and they traveled far south because it was still frigidly cold. They made it halfway down an immense river when they chose to stop for water, and this caused them to each grow a mouth. After their mouths formed, the goddesses granted them with the skill to drink the water. While at the river, they seemed to grow a love for it as well as catching fish and the outdoors in general. The two decided to stay in the area to explore; here is where they found their place of origin. They ran into a tribe of Native Americans who also shared the love of fish and the outdoors, so this was their nationality. Although, they did not stay long with the Natives because they had a few differences, so they drifted towards the regular Caucasians living in the area and shared race with them,

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