The Holocaust, Shindler's List, Defiance, And The Pianist

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World War 2 was the longest armed conflict in history affecting and involving almost every country in the world. During this time period, Hitler earned the title of chancellor which gave him full control of Germany. Hitler ruled under his philosophy, which he believed that the Aryan race were superior and his destiny as the "Master Race" was to rule the rest of the world. The style of text I have chosen focuses on the "holocaust" Time period of World War 2. Through analyzing "The Book Thief", "Shindlers List”, “Defiance” and “The Pianist.” Themes that I have found prevalent are that characters fight for their beliefs. I have also noticed that especially in the holocaust era prisoners of war were dehumanized and stripped of their rights and basic needs, This assisted in the mass murder of Jewish prisoners as they no longer saw them as people, but as animals. I have discovered that music plays a big role throughout all my texts bringing a sense of hope and community to the people. From all these texts I have learnt that many countries are still in fear from the mass genocide that took place in the camps and on the battlefield. Generations of people owe their lives to people such as Shindler and Tuvia who risked their own lives to save another.…show more content…
These beliefs have an impact in the way we live and ultimately the decisions we make. Often our beliefs are based around these questions, Am I doing this because it’s for a good cause? Will this affect me in the coming future? Am I doing this because I'm told to? During the "holocaust" a lot of people's beliefs were put to the test due to the philosophy that Hitler commanded under, this challenged them to step up and fight for what they believed

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