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Sports medicine is a specialty in the medical field that pertains to sport injuries. As a sports medicine doctor your job is to help heal and prevent sport injuries, athlete nutrition and exercise science. At work you could see a range of different type of sport injuries such as; repairing a basketball player’s torn ACL, helping heal a runner’s shin splints, sending a tennis player to rehabilitation because they have an elbow fracture or diagnosing a torn rotator cuff for a baseball player. A sports medicine doctor plays an important role to the health of athletes at all levels. As a sports medicine doctor you will diagnose and take care of athletes and other active people suffering from a sports related injury or illness. This work can be…show more content…
Becoming a sports medicine doctor requires completing a four-year pre-medical degree at an accredited college, plus an additional four years of medical school. You must complete a four-year pre-medical degree if you want to continue your schooling with sports medicine. This degree can be obtained at any accredited university, online or on-campus. After you complete your four years of pre-medical you must attend an accredited medical school to earn a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O). These are similar programs that take four years to complete. Applicants to medical school have to take and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It is a standardized, multiple-choice exam. The better you score on your MCAT the better the chances you have to be accepted into medical school. The scores on the test are a competitive factor, and how well you do in school determines if you get accepted into medical school. Medical students must also complete a clinical residency, which gives hands-on practice in a variety of clinical settings under the supervision of doctors and healthcare professionals. “Since sports medicine is a subspecialty, doctors must get a certification of added qualification in sports medicine. To prepare for this, doctors complete a two-year fellowship in sports medicine at a hospital, rehabilitation facility or…show more content…
Job prospects for medical doctors are better than average, as are salary prospects. Doctors who work in sports often travel with the teams and clients who they work for. “Whenever there is a game, meet, or competition, you must be there to assist players who incur injuries, provide treatments so that athletes with existing injuries can perform with a minimal amount of pain, and help in the event of a medical emergency.” (text) Sports teams, players, and coaches travel around the world frequently especially those at the college and professional levels. One of the benefits about being a sports medicine doctor is being able to work with star athletes from around the world. Not every sports medicine doctor is given this opportunity but many doctors that specialize in this field have the option to work with these kinds of athletes. As a sports medical professional, you can work with well-known athletes and are a key in helping them stay in top condition. Confidentiality is necessary not only for celebrity patients but with everyone you work

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