A Rose For Emily Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Prompt #2: A Rose for Emily “Emily Grierson a modest, traditional woman had a sense of duty and care alive. Kept up with tradition instilled by her father before his tragic demise, had a sense of a hereditary obligation to the town.” Emily Grierson went through many conflicts with herself and society. Coming into a modern time, she faced the townspeople’s judgements in their society and deals with some internal conflicts facing the tragedy of her father. Also, in reality, she has issues with the untimely demise of her loved ones, such tragic events that, in this time, Emily feels a sense of control in her losses. In a changing time in the town of Jefferson, in the old south she faces the issues of tradition versus present she faces a lot of modern day issues presented by the townspeople . Viewed differently by the townspeople due to her behavior, Emily is an oddity to the story, as her tale is told, and starting off with her death to life and the townspeople's' view on the life that Emily Grierson led. Although they observed her from a far, no one really knew Ms.Grierson except for her servant, Tobe, who may have more knowledge of her life than what the townspeople's perceive it…show more content…
As stated, “after her fathers death, she was left the house and the townspeople were glad.” This portrays how they pitied her for being alone and cut off from everyone else. We see Emily did not have much because she was on her own. Through it all, she overcame despair even though she didn't bother to be social, thus they saw it as poor Emily because she didn't have anyone. Her father contributed to this according to the quote, “he thought none of the good men were quite good enough and such for his daughter.” It exemplifies how her life was controlled by her father whom deprecated her when he was alive to the point where Emily got no say in what she

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