Compare And Contrast World War 1 And Ww2

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World War 1 and World War 2 were fought completely differently with different objectives and tactics. World War 1 was mainly fought in a confined part of Western Europe, known as the Western Front, where it rained regularly, was hot in the summer and extremely cold in winter. World War 2 was more global, most of Europe and extended to the jungles of Asia/Pacific where the weather is hot and very humid. “Day by day the sun grew hotter and hotter until it burned down scorchingly hot. There was scarcely any shade. The bivvies themselves were sweltering hot. The ground was almost red hot.” Ormond Burton, The Silent Division, 1935, describes the hot weather that soldiers faced in World War 2. Soldiers had to dig and create more trenches in World War 1 than World War 2. World War 1 was more of a direct hand=-to-hand combat war, with soldiers fighting as a ground force; whereas World War 2 was more of an ‘aviation war’, with planes bombing towns and cities. World War 2 involved new…show more content…
World War 1 was mainly fought in the trenches in which the soldiers had to make themselves. Soldiers used hand and machine guns as their main protection and poisonous gas was used to wipe out many in a small amount of time. World War 2 however introduced heavier, more modern artillery and guns. Weapons from previous wars suddenly came back bigger and better. World War 2 involved many more aeroplanes, ships, tanks and submarines. There was more of a variety of fighting techniques and weapons used in World War 2 compared to World War 1. “Pilots nowadays mount their aeroplanes with as much equanimity as they would mount a bicycle…’ Sydney Morning Herald, 20th July 1914. This describes how calm soldiers/pilots were to get into an aeroplane to fight. Weapons and technology increasingly grew from the time World War 1 started to the end of World War

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