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The career I am interested is primary care in sports medicine. I selected sports medicine because I want to help someone, and I enjoy athletic activities. To research the definition, job description, education, work environment and outlook of a sports medicine career. Sport medicine is a medical field relating to prevent and treat injuries for athletes and everyday people. There is several different field in sports medicine such as physical therapy, athletic trainer, or exercise physiologist. According to American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine, the field separate into two extensive area, which is surgical and primary care. Sports medicine in primary care provides service and care to everyone whether athletic or not. In many careers…show more content…
The amount of school it will take is about ten to twelve years. In college, it is best to take a major with these course involved biology, physics, and chemistry. A bachelor’s degree must be complete to continue onto the next step. Next, is to go to a four-year medical school to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. In medical school, the program will provide knowledge in endocrinology, anatomy, pharmacology and biochemistry. Following is clinical rotation in these medical specialties psychiatry, surgery, internal medicine, or pediatrics. After the clinical rotation, there is hospital residency program to complete three to five years in positions like pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, or family practice. An examination is required to practice more and professionally in all states after residency. A license will be give upon passing the exam of United States Medical Licensing Examination. Lastly, another one to two years will be completing the sports medicine fellowship. According to University of New Mexico, fellowship in sports medicine will provide more training to diagnose and manage injuries or illness relating to any type of recreation with a professional sport medicine

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