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Hunting is pursuing and killing a wild animal for sport or food. It was a necessity, a long time ago, for food, clothing, and materials. Today, people do not need to hunt because everything is already made for them. People still hunt today; however, they do it for sport, “survival and outwitting their prey,” and just for the fun of it. Hunting for sport should not be encouraged because it's unnecessary, disrupts nature, and victims can get injured or killed. Hunting is an irrelevant activity. Anything that comes from killing an animal can be found in a store, such as meet and fur to make clothing. Some people do it, still, because they acquire skill. In the article “How Sport Hunting Works,” the writer suggest that hunting is “a tradition that test their skills and abilities.” Someone can tests their skills and abilities at a shooting range without executing an approachable, good-natured animal. Who in their right mind assasinates animals for sport. That is just plain ludacris.…show more content…
In the articles “ How Sport Hunting Works” and “Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary,” the author informs readers how hunters disrupt nature. Because hunters strive for the largest, toughest animals, which are, in fact, males, as trophies, the sex ration becomes unbalanced and there are numerous amounts of females and not enough males to mate. Hunters lower the number of overpopulated species, which is uncalled for. Nature, such as natural predators, would kill the weak, defenseless prey and strong, healthy individuals would prosper. Hunting has contributed to extinction, disrupts migration and hibernation, and hassles with eating habits. Nature is a fragile, delicate object that shouldn't be tampered with. Even though hunting for sport is a terrible activity, it has its benefits. In order for hunters to hunt, they have to pay to hunt and purchase liscences. All of that money goes to conservations and wildlife

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