Spoken Language Techniques

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In texts A and B, there is a clear and repetitive genre throughout. In text A there is a clear voice of urgency and panic on the phone to the ambulance services after someone has cut of their arm. In this text it shows generic turn taking expecting in a phone call, however the distressed tone of the caller means that there is a many interruptions where the caller is frustrated. Also in this text there is use of deixis ‘there’s blood everywhere.’ This therefore shows that there is a balance of information and explanation within the text. Whereas in text B it is a girl called Hannah on the phone to the emergency services. During this phone call she is unable to talk to the police therefore there is no sense of panic or urgency. In this phone…show more content…
The use of paralinguistic features like ‘[groaning in the background]’ or ‘[neighbour, voice shaking]’ the followed by a dramatic rise of volume shows the fear and frustration of the man on the phone. Another way that tone is set in text A is the interruptions, these regular outbursts show a lack of control which is bought over by the panic of the situation. Another way that panic is shown is the use of emphatic stress on imperative verbs within the text for example ‘quick, quick!’. By doing this the man is ordering the man to hurry, yet again increasing the panic and tone of the text. The use of fillers is also key to this text. By using fillers and prolonged speech, he is creating an effect of thought and evaluation ‘er::::m’ or ‘like…’. By using the intensifiers ‘like’ and ‘very’ they are showing emphasis on the dramatic situation. Although when the operator uses pauses to think, he uses them in a very controlled and calm manner. This then decreases the hectic tone within the…show more content…
The paralinguistics of this text also reveals to the reader contextual information, such as ‘[attempts to tap the handset]’ and ‘[faint clicking sound]’. These show to the reader the desperation and cry for help that she was trying to show to the emergency operator. This also links into the raised tone of voice of Hannah which reflects her desperation, but also the raised tone of voice of the man as he gets infuriated thinking that Hannah is a hoax caller. Furthermore the prolonging of speech shows to the reader the urgency of the tone between Hannah and the operator, this increases throughout the text as Hannah desperation to become heard and understood becomes more and more

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