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Thomas Nelson Community College The U.S. Was Not the Primary Reason for Germany Losing WWII Tyree Mitchell HIS 121-04W Amanda Rausch WWII is one of the most well-known events in World History, it’s taught everywhere and is most known for the Nazis unethical elimination of the Jews and other people of multiple ethnicities. However the way schools currently teach about Germany losing the war is with the U.S. being the primary reason they lost the war. They bring up the fact that the U.S. did give some guns and supplies to the Soviet Union, but the U.S. was the primary reason for Germany’s loss. This nationalistic point of view is not the truth of Germany’s defeat. The United States is not the primary reason why Germany lost WWII, Hitler’s poor decision making lost them the war in the way it was lost. Hitler’s poor decisions significantly weakened the German forces and the axis combined power. Hitler was a very strong dictator whom waged war against anyone he deemed necessary. He however did not listen to the advice he would receive from his generals and didn’t think they had the right idea, “My generals should be like bull…show more content…
Hitler enforced that the soldiers stay put with no option of retreating. Any commander that challenged his idea of holding and not retreating were dismissed. He was hard set on the thought that the Nazi super soldier would easily prevail against the Soviet soldier if cowardice was kept low. He thought he could brute force his way through Stalingrad and make a quick victory. Not allowing troops to retreat and replenish themselves cost a lot of Germany’s manpower with an astonishing 850,000 casualties in the Battle of Stalingrad Alone. He never learned his lesson as even when soldiers were pushed back to Germany with only 80,000 troops left, he still held on to the “No Retreat Policy” instead of bringing his soldiers back and strengthening inner

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