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World War 2 was one of the bloodiest war that killed millions of both men and women. It affected both the home front and the battlefield as well. During this war they were spies from different countries to spy on their enemies to steal important information like weapon technology, natural resources, and food for the soldiers and strategies for the war. Since spies were undercover they used different gadgets and tricks to communicate or to use it as a trap. One of the tricks were Rodent bombs box with dead rat with explosives filled inside. When the enemy finds it they throw the rats to the fire and it explodes. Biscuit Tin Radio is a way of commutation and giving important messages to the operators. The other gadgets that were used are pipe pistol, messages in washing line and overshoes. These gadgets helped spies to do their…show more content…
In the spy industry both men and women can become a spy. Having a spy means having a higher chance to win the war but spy were not always successful, many were caught or killed. However in this war female were more involved in the war than during WW1. In WW1 they were at home front taking care of their factories. However in this WW2 female were out in the enemies’ territory . Virginia hall was one of the courageous spy during WWII there are many other great female spies like Amy Elizabeth Thorpe and Mata Har who were also part of WW2. Many were caught but some completed their mission. Virginia Hall was born on April 6 1906, she was an American spy with British special operation. Before she became a spy she worked in many embassy. She studied in France and Germany. But she was one of the most unique spy because she had lost her lower leg during a hunting trip. She wasn’t caught during her spy life. The Germanys gave a nick name “the lady with a limping leg” . The other famous spy is Amy Elizabeth, she was also one of the most successful spies. When was born on November 22, 1910 in Minneapolis. Since

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