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My ambition is to become a fully qualified physiotherapist. This degree incorporates a combination of sport and science, both of which I have a keen interest in. I have chosen to study Physiotherapy because I like to encourage good levels of health and fitness. My interest with Physiotherapy began when I was a keen footballer and I became injured whilst playing, this led to me seeking treatment. Initially my interest was about self-gain on how I could recover as fast as possible, however when speaking to the Physiotherapist about her job I realised that a physiotherapist aims to improve the quality of someone's life, without the use of drugs or surgery and help them achieve their personal highest standard of living and that this was not exclusive to sports injuries. I believe that a physiotherapist needs high levels of flexibility and the ability to adapt to different patient's needs; I believe that I possess both of these characteristics as seen in my sporting history.…show more content…
I believe that I have developed my communication skills through playing football at academy and county level, where I was able to successfully captain my team, during tours to the USA and Holland. I have also managed to develop communication whilst being the sports captain at sixth form where I helped to organise and referee a tag rugby tournament with primary school students. Another example of my communication skills can be seen after completing my FA level one coaching course. Recently I have begun to help teach with some of the key stage three Physical Education lessons as a way of helping to further my skills of communication with a group, which will inevitably be helpful when training to become a

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