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Throughout a human beings lifespan, they endure several struggles. Everyone struggle with something. There are many times in my life were I have personally struggled, but I found perseverance. During high school I battled with becoming head drum major of the band. Consistently year after year, I would try harder, but there were still no results. Many times I found myself wondering if being head drum major was something I really wanted to do. I was always told that one does not want to be mediocre, one wants to be great. That advice helped me tremendously in becoming head drum major. As a little fifth grader, whose is experiencing her second year in middle school, I can remember me watching the drum major at the time doing her job. In reality, I had no clue about the roles and…show more content…
However, ever since then, I knew that being a drum major was something I always wanted to do. That very day I told myself whatever it takes, I will do it. As I watched the drum majors change over the years, I found it fascinating to see what was different about each of them. I saw that some were mean, hateful, and always yelled. Others were nice at times, but very strict. They all had various styles of teaching which may or may not have helped the band. As the years flew by I was finally in eighth grade. This was the grade that I was eligible to try out for drum major. In preparation for trying out for drum major, I dealt with peer pressure. I was persuaded to try out for color guard instead of drum major. As weeks passed I finally decided to wait on drum major and try out for color guard. My freshman year in high school I did guard, but I prepared for drum major too. My intentions were not to actually like color guard for what it was. I was only doing it

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