Speech On Stray Animals

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House of Stray Animals India is a non-profitable charitable organization for welfare and care of stray animals in Delhi-NCR region. House of Stray Animals India was founded by Mr. Sanjay Mahapatra in March 2011. After preparing grounds for a systematic work by renting a 4000 square feet plot nearby his home and constructing a proper ventilated shelter for animals by his own expenses, this organization was set up with a well-established shelter facility. Objective: Most of the stray animals in these remote areas die of starvation, we provide them with fresh nutritious food every day. If a sick or injured animals is noticed, we quickly take it to our shelter and take care of it for as long as he gets well and if he is seriously injured and shows no signs or little signs of being fit, we keep it in our shelter in an isolation so that the other animals don’t get infected at all. If, unfortunately, an animal passes away, we bury its body in a proper peaceful manner. Provide services like free casualty van for wounded or sick animals. Provide free treatment of sick and needy stray animals,…show more content…
His number is the helpline number on which people can call anytime and seek for help. This eliminates the possibility of infection in the environment around the accidental area as well as keeps the areas clean. In his free time, he creates awareness amongst school children and teaches them the various ways to help these little animals in all the possible ways. He has made a documentary movie involving various advantages of having a stray dog as a pet and has made a wise effort to convince people to actually adopt a stray dog. The movie also comprises of various awareness issues related to stray animals. He is planning to show the documentary in as many schools as possible as mass media is the best way to communicate on a large scale
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