Personal Narrative Essay: Dont Sit Up In Chairss

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Dont sit up in chairs It was a time when i realized that i shouldn't sit up in chairs was a quiet day y in belle river Mrs Penziens room is quiet i thought to myself that was crazy because we were the loudest class ever in fourth grade.Mrs leigh was our substitute for the day because Mrs Penzien was sick i couldn't wait until lunch and recess because i could see my friend gracie outside . she was in a different class .It seems like Mrs leigh was always in are classroom. Mrs leigh was teaching math and a little bit of cursive at the same time i had looked on the clock and notice that it was almost at 12:00 but it was only like 9:00 lunch is at 12:00 so that is more like 3 hours until lunch yeah. Math is my…show more content…
I had got yelled at by Mrs leigh because i was talking a someone which i was asking a question because came back from the bathroom and i wasn't sure if we were on or so i asked my friend Hailey knox but i got in trouble any ways . My friend Hailey knox was like a sister to me she still is but that day she turned against me. Hailey and lucas always moved my chairs before a sat down so i always did it back to them it was fun for a little while.haliey was so funny because out of nowhere she falls out of her chair mrs leigh had got pretty mad at hailey for the longest time it was funny she always said if you keep doing that u will get hurt mrs leigh always said. Mrs westerhof had came in the room to get a student because they didn't finish a test .Mrs.westerhof is a social studies teacher the best though. When she came in the classroom it was forty minutes until lunch YES! I said out loud oops mrs westerhoff stared at me she shook her head no i said sorry after

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