Speciesism Vs Racism

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Philosophers define speciesism as a practice of treating a certain category of species morally more important than the other. This practice is usually justified and common among humans and other species for example animals. Under speciesism, many factors are put into consideration and these include rights, interests among others. Racism is noted as the feeling of superiority of one race compared to the other especially in terms of abilities and inherited physical characteristics. On the other hand, philosophers define sexism as a system of social norms that tend to create social differences basing on one’s sex. In relation to speciesism, it's noted that there are numerous similarities between speciesism and racism. First of all, it's noted that human races have unique features that categorizes them to their cultures. Under race, humans are known treat each other differently since one race tends to assume a higher position with relative to the rest. This means the superior race will assume positions of power as well as rights. Racism also involves the process of making…show more content…
There is also the denial of social liberty or the much grief felt for the loss of one of their close members. It’s also noted that all parties may be subjected to terror, injury since one group usually regards the other of less importance. The other similarity that is noted is the creation of a state of both physical and mental defeat. An example is that this was experienced when the black people were chained during the days of slavery or dogs being locked in a tiny cage. Rachel writes that, “Any moral doctrine that assigns greater importance to the interest of one group than the those of another is unacceptable and arbitrary unless there is some difference between the members of the group that justifies treating them

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