Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

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Lord of the flies by William Golding is an intriguing book in which you see boys act on instinct and not knowledge when pushed to the edge of survival. Young boys between the ages of six to twelve are stranded in a deserted island with no grown-ups to tell them what to do. Inside this book you will see how innocent boys become ravenous killers who even killed some of their own. Lord of the flies is a book with adventure, greed, friendship, and violence. The stranded schoolboys started out as normal kids who were just having fun but Golding didn’t write about how boys would really act when no ones around and the results were great. Golding is a prestigious writer who has won the Nobel Prize in literature and the Man Booker…show more content…
Lord of the flies begins around the First World War when a group of schoolboys were traveling in a plane over seas when out of nowhere the plane is gunned down and they land in a deserted island here ralph the protagonist meets Piggy his eventual right hand man. Life in the island is great until they realize they have responsibilities to take care of and since there aren’t any adults they are on their own. Things ended up even worse when one of the “Littluns” (which is what they called the little kids) sees a “Snake monster” while the big kids no better than to believe this its sill something they carry in the back of their head. Simon seemed to be a quiet kid who was into nature and was the only sign of a civilized person. As life on the island continues the boys realize that they disagree on how to run things so they separate into two groups most went with Jack the antagonist of the book he wanted everyone to become Hunters but they turn very violent and ended up killing Simon and Piggy. When Simon died it showed that the human side died on the island and they were just monsters, some stayed with the original chief Ralph who wants to make everyone build a fire to signal passing boats. When everyone

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