Small Engine Mechanics Essay

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Small engine mechanics specialize in small engines. They are able to talk about the issues with equipment, things that need to be cleaned up and what they need to do with the customers engine. You also will be able to test and observe,replace and fix any worn out or parts that have been simply broken. Small engine mechanics usually specialize in a certain type of small engines as motorcycle, motorboat/service techs and outdoor power and other small engines similar to that type of engine model. Motorcycle mechanics focus on motorcycle,scooter,moped, dirt bike and allterrain vehicles by fixing transmission, brake changes, ignition difficulties including many other little repairs. Motorboat/service techs focus on maintaining and being able to repair issues with boat…show more content…
You can become a small engine mechanic with as little as a high school diploma or GED. Very few employers will hire with less education if the skills of reading, writing and math is over the top. Depending on the small engine you plan on working with, the training varies and can sometimes require less onthejob training than others. Training involves hands on with experienced mechanics. The sooner you learn the basic skills, you will progress on working with other things. Often people who work on the basic types of engines will go to training for about 23 weeks, teaching them the updated technology. There are several qualities that you must obtain to be a small engine mechanic as well. Being able to talk to customers about the issues of their vehicle and detailed oriented. You have to be able to multitask and also have a steady hand and handeye coordination. Trouble shooting is also a big thing people focus on while taking this career path. The schedules can vary with the different the different types of small engine jobs. The location of where you work can also determine your schedule, as well as weather. The most busy time of the year for mechanics is usually during summer

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