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To be a speaking captain of a football team you have to express specific qualities that make you qualified for the role. An example to be considered as a speaking captain is possessing a great amount of responsibility and critical thinking. A couple of things that you do as a speaking captain is you have are the mouth of the rest of the team. My experience as the football speaking captain my senior year has helped me academically and with leadership skills. Being the important role as the leader of my football team I acquired essential leadership skills. I have also become a better person and I handle difficult or stressful situations with more maturity and patience. My freshman year of high school, I was not as wise or as prepared for college as I currently am over the course of four years both academically and emotionally. I have discovered so much and especially just this year. These experiences have helped shape me into the respectful and responsible adult that I am today.…show more content…
After being put into this role, I realized that I had to set an example for the rest of my team. This meant trying hard in school and being a leader. I struggled in my math classes so I approached one of my classmates to assist me in the class, I wanted to set the example to my team that it is alright to get assistance when one is struggling in a subject because our education is very important to everyone. Also, I started studying for the ACT and worked hard in all of my subjects particularly to show the team that academics should be your first
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