Compare And Contrast Flat Tax Vs Progressive Tax

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Flat Tax vs. Progressive Tax The American economy has never been fully functional, and a way the government receives the money it needs for the country is by taxing the American people. There are many different types of taxes but only two main ones, Flat Tax and Progressive Tax. Both tax the people; but one does it equally, and the other does it to help. Flat Tax is a way to tax everyone equally. I can understand that many Americans want everything to be equal, but when it comes to incomes those are not equal. Some people will $100,000 a year when some only make $25,000. A tax percentage under 20% is great for the people who make $100,000 but not so much on the people who make $25,000. Features of flat tax help prove this tax to be better; one feature is it is “Family-Friendly.” This states that if a family of a certain size does not make enough income then they are exempt from the tax, an example would be a family of four would not have to pay tax until they made an income that reached higher than $30,000. This really does help the middle class who want bigger families.…show more content…
How this tax helps the low income Americans is how it helps provide aid to them. If family A doesn’t make as much a year as family B, family A is not taxed as high as family B. This is a way to distribute wealth throughout the U.S. without some people being to wealthy. Progressive tax is very confusing though, with many people getting a different percentage of taxation each year, it can get very confusing on how much you owe. Or many people see it as unconstitutional or unfair. I am guessing the wealthier people see it as unfair, the lower income Americans have to pay less while much of their higher paying incomes goes to

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