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There is not one similar style of music between any of the twenty one Spanish speaking counties. All the music styles started as one, but branched off and become its own type for a specific country. Many styles of Spanish music was based off the music in the United States during the 20th century (Music of Latin America). Latin American music can be tracked back to as early as the 16th century during the conquest of the Americas. There are many types of Latin music and some music styles included in the songs are son, rumba, salsa, merengue, tango, samba, and bossa nova (Music of Latin America). Every one of the 21 Spanish speaking countries all have a different music sounds and styles. The tango is a popular music style in Argentina. It is the most well known in Argentina, but it is also very famous all around. Another one of the most popular styles of music in Argentina is Argentine Rock. It was the most popular back in the 1980’s (Popular Music Styles). The music styles from Argentina likes Rock en Español swept through most Spanish speaking…show more content…
Typical instruments present in Costa Rican music are reed flutes, the accordion, marimba, etc (Costa Rica). Cuba has produced many original music sounds and styles. Many styles include a mixture of danzón and the rumba. Also Guatemala has a very long musical tradition (Popular Music Styles). Mexico is one of, if not, the most musically diverse countries. Each 31 states in Mexico have a very unique music style (Mexico). The most populated music style in Mexico is mariachi music. Mariachi music can either be played as a blends like jarabe or as techno, blocky music. They are normally sung in proses of poetry (Popular Music Styles). Ranchero, medicos country music differs from the mariachi style because it is not normally sung in proses of poetry. Some regional music styles in Mexico are Mexican Rock, rock en Español, Mexican pop, canto nuevo, etc

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