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Cheating is becoming an issue in today's academics. The article “Studies Show More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception” by Richard Pérez-Peña he highlights cheating. Cheating is on the rise and even the highest achievers are participating. The trend of academic dishonesty is on the rise because of the loose morals of today’s youth. These morals have been caused by overindulgence of students during childhood and the pressure to succeed. There have always been cheating, but not at the scale that they are today. Even college students are cheating to get ahead. The author goes out of his way to attack how ever since the 60’s parenting has become lax when it comes to hard work and morales. These factors considered, cheating needs to be stopped before education becomes worthless.…show more content…
The author says 3/5 of students have admitted to cheating in the past week, and 4/5 of those students said that they have above average ethics. The survey is not a good sign of integrity. The problem starts here. Students should have integrity and work for the grade they get. Students these days have been misinformed about cheating. When students think that cheating has nothing to do with academic ethics something is wrong. Majority of the college students in a survey think that collaborating, even when it is expressly forbidden, is only a minor offense. The article expands on the survey by saying that half of those same students also think that paraphrasing or copying think little or nothing of it. It is easy to see how these students have bad academic integrity. The students in the survey are not entirely to blame, however. Schools do very little to teach students how important it is to not

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